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So after 18 days and over 4000 miles of ocean racing we are closing in on the Australian coast. We’ve not seen any sight or sound of other humans since the 3rd day of the race and yet we now find ourselves within sight of one of our competitors with under 1000 miles left to race.

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When lucky charms break……Nov 14, 2013 | by | Read | No Comments


I’m not normally one for lucky charms, but just before leaving St Kats I was given a silly present of an elastic band. That I wear this had been noted by a couple of crew members and likened to the lucky band worn by one of the pilots in the classic film ‘Memphis Belle’, so without meaning to i gained myself a lucky charm for the race. However after nearly 15,000 miles of sailing, it finally snapped the other day, and what a day to snap!
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They really do come in ‘house’ sizesNov 11, 2013 | by | Read | No Comments

house header

Leg 3 and two days in and finally the so called ‘house sized’ waves have been spotted, and in large numbers too. As the winds increased to 50+ knots the sea state has got to enormous proportions and the sailing has stepped up to another gear.
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Race 2: Brest to Rio De JanieroOct 11, 2013 | by | Read | No Comments

race 1: London to Brest

I write this blog having done a large number of firsts for me in the last month or so.  I´ve sailed an ocean, i´ve crossed the equator at sea, i´ve seen the doldrums at their worst first hand, to name but a few and after all that i´m now in South America for the first time.

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